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Horse Care

Love your horses and tame them with care and compassion.

Horse Grooming

There are a lot of ways to groom your horses. Scroll down to know more about it.

Horse Sitting

Have you ever seen a horse sit? They rarely do so to take short naps!

Horse Training

Training a horse requires patience. They look strong but they are timid. Train them gently.

Here’s all that you have to know about horses. We give umpteen tips and guidance as to how to take care of your horse, ways to groom them and the knack to train them efficiently.

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I just wanted to touch base. The colts are doing great. I will get some photos for you soon.

I am so pleased with them. They are truly quality colts with straight movement, and wonderful minds. I have no doubt they will both be competitive in dressage or whatever else we attempt.

– Julia, London

You were very straight forward about them being ranch raised foals, and although they were minimally handled and allowed to gow up naturally, their quality bloodlines are making their handling and training exceptionally easy.

They are actually nicer to handle than the german warmbloods I bred and raised myself, especially Gallahad he is just a jewel. They are just naturally people oriented, kind, and very willing. You can quote me on anything, and I will keep you updated.

– S. David, Toronto

Featured Article: House of Horse Decoration

The beauty of a western home is that it combines the calm serenity of the desert with the exciting energy of the cowboy lifestyle. When decorating your western home, it is important to use a specific color scheme that will reflect the overall serenity and spontaneous excitement of desert living.

To achieve this color scheme, use basic colors like burgundy, brown, cream, and navy blue, and throw in accents of turquoise, dark yellow, and black. Turquoise and burgundy especially are trademarks of the Western theme, and critical colors to include in your decorating.

Metal is also a big part of this décor, specifically a dark bronze or antique gold color. You can find many accessories made from this metal, particularly decorative horseshoes and stars. Metal accessories will look good hanging on the wall, or just sitting on a shelf or table.

Leather is important to western decorating, and should play a central role in the furniture you choose. A medium brown color of leather is the most ideal choice, but dark brown can work well also. If possible, try to find picture frames made from leather the same color as your furniture-these will make great accents.

Throw blankets and pillows are also a great addition, and with these you have a few different options. There are multicolored throws that are made from Indian patterns which do nicely in Western décor; or, you can choose the more detailed style of throws that have pictures of horses and desert horizons weaved into them. Either option will be a wonderful addition to your room.

When choosing your accessories, look for items that are star or horseshoe shaped. You can also find decorations with horses, cowboy boots and hats, ropes, and cactuses in abundance. Almost anything that has these items on it can go with your theme. Look for metal workings of these items to hang on the wall, or figurines to sit on a table or shelf. Similarly, when looking for wall décor, pictures of cowboys, horses, and deserts are always a safe bet.

Other more random but excellent accessories you might be able to find and include could consist of candles and their holders, crosses, and old wood. Crosses can be free-standing or hung on a wall, and candle holders can even be made from old wood and have bronze designs on them, or turquoise and burgundy accents. Adobe pots also make an authentic addition. The opportunities for accessorizing with Western themed items are endless-many unique works of art can be found at this website: ontariorenovation.ca, they specialised in kitchen and bathroom renovation in Ottawa.

Western décor has a unique style and flair all its own, and is great for decorating anything from kitchens, bathrooms, or children’s rooms to entire houses. The natural beauty and energy of the desert is just a few colors and accessories away! (Source: https://ddacanada.com/)