The relationship that exists between humans and horses is something that started centuries back. Right from the day man understood that horses could be tamed man has considered horse his friend. Unlike the present day where our relationship with wild as well as domestic animals is very selective, in the yesteryears man completely had to rely on animals to get all their needs done. Right from food to transport all animals were used to support the everyday livelihood of man, as definitely horses will top the list. So here are some of the reasons as to why domestication of animals is considered great.

Domesticating Horses and History

Horses, as we stated earlier, are one of the animals that have been helping us to travel across the world. It was at the time in which the world had no means of transport. People had to choose either between walking and riding an animal. Also because of the fact that horses are strong and can travel fast, they carry baggage and also help people in moving from one place to the other. Since movement became easier with horses it also helped people spread culture, religion and improve their trade activities as well.

Even during the period of monarchy all throughout the world, the rulers had fleets of horses for warfare activities. Horses are basically smart animals, and they can also understand the feelings and command of the master and act accordingly. Have you ever wondered as to why the kings and the greatest rulers of history chose a horse to travel out of all the animals in the animal kingdom? That is why horses play a pivotal role in the history of mankind.

Domesticating horses and Science:

Any animal can be tamed and domesticated. However, this statement becomes totally irrelevant when you look at it from the scientific perspective. All of us are aware of the fact that while lions and tigers perform in circus a wolf doesn’t. This is the difference that a lot of science geeks are trying to explain. The process of obliging to domestication lies in the gene of the animal. A few years back in the year 2014, a research was conducted on the genome study. Different breeds were brought under the study, and the genetic pattern of these animals was analyzed.  The result of the research stated that the certain breeds had a domestication-friendly gene while others didn’t. This meant that man had the knack of understanding this gene and that is why they became historically significant even before the fact can be genetically proven.

Why is it good to domesticate horses?

Apart from the scientific and historical facts of domesticating horses, there is also one more thing that adds beauty to horses. For a long time, it is believed that it is good to tame horse and it is true. No one travels in a horse today, but still, the significance hasn’t gone down a bit. This is not because not only horses are tough and can support you in domestic and other activities, they are also animals that can give you milk. The milk is very much nutritious. Animals are also symbols of health. Staying with them can increase your lifetime as well. Only a few animals are disciplined by nature, and horses are one among them.